Registration of dietary supplement and biologically active additives (BAA) in Uzbekistan
List of documents submitted for state registration of biologically active additives (BAA) in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Application of established form.
Power of Attorney from the manufacturer (authorized to submit documents and obtain a Registration Certificate addressed to Applicant (if the applicant is not a manufacturer)).
The samples of BAA in the amount necessary for toxico-hygienic assessment.
The sample of consumer packaging of BAA or its project in the State and Russian languages.
The document on the full ingredient composition of BAA indicating recommendations for use and contraindications (instructions for use).
Materials for evaluating the effectiveness of the claimed properties of BAA indicating the organization that conducted these studies.
For BAA produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan, additional normative documents is provided (organization standards, processing instructions and formulation).
For imported BAA, a safety certificate or registration certificate of the manufacturing country (if any) is additionally presented:

  • for BAA containing living organisms – description indicating the genus, type of strain in Latin, information about the depositing (passport or certificate);
  • for BAA containing animal ingredients – a document confirming prion safety;
  • for BAA containing blood components – a document confirming transmissible safety;
  • for BAA containing parts of plants – their botanical name is indicated, including in Latin, pharmacopeia articles and (or) state standards (if any) are additionally presented.

If necessary, presentation by the manufacturer of clinical trials of BAA.
Scientific justification for the expiration dates claimed by the manufacturer.

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